• Accomplishing the Different Wagers in Craps - There are numerous wagers on craps that you can do. One of them is the place wager. A place wager is when you bet on any other number coming out before the number seven. But it will be up to you on what bet you want to use. Just remember that when a wager has an exotic name, it has a bad odds and will not help your goal to win in the game.
  • Being Smart in the Game of Craps - There is a saying in the game of craps that you live and die by your bets. That saying is true because you can earn or loss a lot from craps depending on the wagers that you will choose in the game.
  • Places Where Dice Originated - Today there is a lot of evidence supporting the existence of dice even before the Romans used it. Some countries in Asia used dice made from bones of animals.
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