Places Where Dice Originated

The most ancient dice ever excavated was one of the parts of one set for the backgammon game in Shahri Sokhta. This is a place in Iran. This was probably made during the civilization of the Jirofts. The dice were made from bones from the ankles of animals like the ox. These are also called knucklebones. Today some people in Mongolia still use these bones they call them Shagai. They use it for telling fortunes and as part of their games. Other materials they use include ivory, stones, metals and wood. Today many dice are made from plastic, bakelite and acetate. It is a certainty that dice were previously used by prehistoric civilizations.

Recently there has been excavation done in South Asia particularly in India where a civilization called Harappan indicated their use of the dice.It was part of the ancient game they played called Rig Veda. Dice was also part of the games for Buddha. Another Hindu story the Mahabharata talked about the dice where a god used dice to make decisions. In the Bible there were many references to an object similar to the dice. It was referred mostly in the book of Psalms. In those primitive years the knuckle bones were probably made by the women and played by the children. The bones had sides. There are usually four of them. Each side has a different value. This feature is still present to the dice used today. In Greek history using dice was a famous amusement. This is popular with the rich families.

Romans have been gamblers since the reign of emperors. Gambling with the dice was one of the typical ways to gamble. Deciding some laws was done by having the dice around. One of the laws that came about because of the dice result was that a person cannot sue if he has permitted gambling to be done inside his own house. There were many people who claimed gambling as their profession. Their ancient dice have now been preserved inside great museums in Rome. Ancient people in Rome once used a dice with twenty sides.

Germans also liked dice. Some Germans loved the game with dice that some people lost all their possessions. During the period fo the knights and kings. The dice were a popular way to spend leisure time. In Germany there were many schools that taught dice and some guilds for dicing. French women and men also liked dicing especially during the reign of kings in the thirteenth century.

Dice have always been a universal game or a component of a game before modernization even started. Dice is one of the main objects that made gambling a popular social activity since it was really part of our history.